Kurozu is immensely healthful, and it has been extensively researched upon for many years. These are some of the health benefits that serve as nourishment with the regular consumption of kurozu.


  • Relieves stress and body fatigue by breaking down lactic acids
  • Detoxifies the Liver
  • Stabilizes Blood Pressure and Prevents Arteries From Hardening with Plaque
  • Promotes Digestion and Reduces Constipation
  • Breaks Down Fat, Lowers Cholesterol
  • Protects Against Bacterial Infection and Toughens the Immune System
  • Stabilizes Any Potential Spikes in Blood Glucose Levels

Relieves stress and body fatigue by breaking down lactic acids

When lactic acids build up in your body, it can be discomforting. As we exercise, the glucose in our blood gets broken down into lactic acid ? this is then processed by the liver and then converted for the muscles to work further with. However, too much lactic acid can be very uncomfortable for physical exertion, and drinking kurozu can aid in quickening the conversion process for the lactic acid, thus relieving the discomforting build up of lactic acid. Kurozu contains acetic acid, which, contrary to popular belief, is an alkaline ingredient that plays a big role in alkalising blood. Lactic acid in the blood is highly acidic, but with the consumption of the miraculous acetic acid in kurozu, a person can neutralise and significantly reduce the amount of lactic acid and fatigue in the body!

Detoxifies the Liver

The liver is pivotal in filtering the blood that comes from the rest of the body. If the liver is not functioning optimally, digestion and other bodily functions will be affected. The liver also detoxifies chemical toxins and other drugs. As such, the liver may occasionally be overworked and ?over-processed? from the amount of sodium or sugar consumption. Kurozu can help to cleanse and detoxify the liver, aiding the tedious processes the liver has to go through every day. Particularly for the liver, kurozu is quite a strong medicinal agent in providing the extra detoxifying power it needs on days when the liver gets under the weather.

Stabilises Blood Pressure and Prevents Arteries From Hardening with Plaque

It is the acetic acid in kurozu that helps to stabilise or reduce the activity of the enzyme ?renin?, bringing down blood pressure. Your body contains two types of cholesterol: good and bad. In the absence of sufficient good cholesterol, bad cholesterols will oxidise and become plaque inside arteries. Kurozu contains anti-oxidising properties that prevents the oxidation of the bad cholesterols, slowing down the collection of plaque in the blood vessels.

Imagine kurozu as a coffee filter, and the enzyme renin (too much can cause high blood pressure) as the coffee beans. When the hot water is added to the filter containing the beans, it is as though the kurozu as the filter ensures the power of the beans does not get overwhelming for the drinker – yet still powerful enough to retain good taste. Similarly, kurozu ?stabilises? the activity of the renin to bring down blood pressure and prevents the renin activity from ?taking over completely? and go wild!

Promotes Digestion and Reduces Constipation

Kurozu boosts saliva secretion and stimulates salivary glands, and this in turn promotes the digestion process. The acetic acid in kurozu also increases stomach acid, which speeds up digestive activity after meals. This same acetic acid also serves to ease constipation as it lowers pH in the colon and enhances peristalsis (wave-like contractions in digestive tract).

Breaks Down Fat, Lowers Cholesterol

Acetic acid in kurozu helps to block certain enzymes? abilities to create fatty acids in the body. The process, which is called ?inhibition of lipogenesis?, gets slowed down or suppressed by the presence of acetic acid. Kurozu?s high acetic acid content modulates triglyceride levels to help lower cholesterol, as well as reduce fat lipids in the bloodstream.

Protects Against Bacterial Infection and Toughens the Immune System

Acetic acid, which is abundant in kurozu, acts as a really great disinfectant against bacteria. It can take on the likes of many kinds of bacteria, like E. Coli or salmonella. Taken daily, kurozu can strengthen your immune system and protect you from potential bacterial infection.

Stabilises Any Potential Spikes in Blood Glucose Levels

Acetic acid, kurozu?s key active ingredient, is effective in reducing the glucose and insulin levels in the consumer?s body, especially after meals when these levels they spike the highest. Kurozu has been proven to lower blood glucose levels, and it is recommended to be taken alongside meals (one or two tablespoons) or after them. If you?re diabetic, it?s best to consult your doctor first.

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