When you think of donuts, what pops into your head? A favourite childhood pastry that should be eaten only in moderation? An oily, fried dough fritter with sugary sprinkles and colours? Or a spouse nagging at you to cut down on them? To be honest, all these ideas about donuts are pretty accurate (we actually surveyed people). But whatever else you may think of, we?d bet you haven?t thought of a donut being healthy, baked, and delicious!


Donuts have started winning over people since Hanson Gregory?s invention of the holed-donut in 1847. Before that, ?donuts? functioned merely as buns or filled buns since they didn?t have holes in them. Yes, we may have holeless donuts today but who are we kidding? We love donuts for their rings! ?Bring on the donuts!? has been the cry of children, policemen and adults alike, and it?s definitely not stopping anytime soon. Dunkin? Donuts has adorably themed donuts for almost every occasion (and non-occasion), but they?re also generally something that the older folks avoid eating because of the generally high sugar and calorie count. Do you see people lavishing their kids with donuts, but discouraging them as they grow older? How sad it is!

Donuts? cousins, the bagels, are healthier but they don?t taste quite the same with their chunkier and richer finish. People who love donuts enjoy the fluffiness that each bite gives. Stuck at the crossroads between healthy-living and childhood craving, most make the decision to give donuts up.


But what if we told you that donuts CAN be fluffy, delicious and healthy? What if they still have the power to transport you back to the comfort of your childhood without the extra calories?

Let us introduce you to the world of healthier donuts, a trend that had started in Japan in 2017 when Mister Donut rolled out a series of healthy donuts for the health-conscious. Compared to their standard donuts, which have an average calorie count of 300, these healthy donuts are really trimmed down, at 115 to 120 calories each! The fat content of the healthy donuts has also been reduced by 40%. Mister Donut has three different flavoured healthy donuts: Plain, Sweet Soybean Powder, and Sweet Potato. Generally, the feedback received from tasters when they compared Mister Donut?s healthy donuts to other donut shops like Krispy Kreme was that ?[Mister Donut?s healthy donuts] are airier and less greasy?.

Haritts Donuts & Coffee ???? is another Japanese donut store located originally in Yoyogi-Uehara Tokyo, but has branches across Asia. Their donuts are plump and are differentiated from other donuts with their signature smaller-ringed holes. These donuts are humble looking, since they don?t use colourful exterior fondant/icing designs on the donuts, nor are they overly sweet – even when it comes to their fillings. They fry their donuts for about five minutes under low temperature, causing the donuts to be less oily. After that, they go the extra mile to pat down the donuts so that the oily sheens wouldn?t be coated on them. Their flavours encompass a wider range: Original, Cinnamon Currants, Chocolate, Cream Cheese, Earl Grey, Matcha, Raspberry White Choco, Banana Choco, and Kaya ? the local Singapore special.


At Kakuida?s, we?ve been inspired by this notion of healthy donuts and have since ridden the wave of healthier donuts started by the Japanese. How are they healthier? Firstly, our donuts are baked, and not fried. By doing so, the texture of the donut becomes more even and will have that fluffy, airier finish without the unnecessary oiliness. You won?t even miss the ?fried, oily? taste that you usually associate donuts with.

Secondly, our donuts are made with kurozu, which is the Japanese term for vinegar. Don?t scrunch up your face just yet! The vinegar actually goes excellently with the batter, and any sourness that you expect to taste won?t be the way you imagine it to be. Why?s that? The vinegar works perfectly with the natural sweetness of the batter, and when baked together, will release a fragrant, pleasant aroma.

?But why add kurozu in a donut?? you may ask. The benefits of kurozu are aplenty, and you can read about the full list of health-points here, but a short summary would be that they aid in digestion, support better metabolism, and control any blood sugar spikes you might have after eating a high glucose meal, to name a few. By combining kurozu with donuts, you essentially have an agent that not only enhances the taste of the donuts, but supports in the overall process of food breakdown.


?OK, I get the kurozu, but a donut isn?t quite a donut without the toppings?? you may protest.

Kakuida?s donuts do have that minimalistic vibe about them – their textures are smooth and they are perfectly shaped, with no fancy designs or sweet icing dips on them. Upon being baked and cooled, they are then packed neatly into Japanese paper bags. However, this doesn?t mean the donuts have to be minimalistic in taste.

Kakuida?s offers four different donut flavours: Chocolate, Original, Matcha, and Sweet Potato. You can even add chocolate chips to your donuts if you wish. These chocolate chips contain 50% cocoa and will spruce up your donut if you?ve got a desire for something sweet.

Our chocolate donuts are for the sweet-tooths and for those who can?t ever give up their chocolate – even for a healthier lifestyle! The cocoa powder that we use with the batter is 100% unsweetened so you don?t have to feel guilty you?re contradicting yourself with this healthy donut.

Our original donuts taste great on their own, for those who prefer no added toppings or spectacular flavours. They?re the ideal tea snack and can go well with hot coffee, kurozu tea, or simply with a glass of cold milk.

Next up is of course matcha donuts – our Japanese donut selection wouldn?t be complete without these. The matcha is mixed in evenly with the batter, so the entire donut has a lovely, light matcha taste without being overpowering nor powdery. Green tea fans will take to this donut well!

Lastly, we?ve got the sweet potato donut. The sweet potatoes that we use come directly from Kagoshima prefecture, the ?Land of Sweet Potatoes?. 40% of Japan?s sweet potatoes come from Kagoshima alone! If you love sweet potato, then you need to give this specially curated donut a try! It?s not too intense that the sweet potato makes the donut dense, but it?s a light, fluffy sweet potato taste that?s not jelak (too heavy) even if you ate more than one.


If you?re conscious about your health but have no intention of surrendering your love for donuts, then Kakuida?s donuts are for you. In summary, they are evenly baked, varying in flavours, and contain kurozu, which has a list of benefits that you can read about here.

You can also get a box of six donuts, mixing and matching them if you wish. More details on the donuts and the full range of our kurozu wares here.