Our Signatures

We?re happy to share our full product range. These carefully curated to suit the local taste. We are always eagerly pushing food boundaries to expand this selection!

Organic Fruits Kurozu
Kurozu Infused with Premium Quality Organic Fruits

Smoothie Series
Ice-blended Fruits with Kurozu & Smoothie with Kurozu

Milk/Straight tea with Kurozu Jelly
Careful Selection of Quality Tea that Blends Well with Jelly Made from Konnyaku and Kurozu

Original Baked Kurozu Doughnuts
Freshly baked using kurozu and premium rice powder imported from Japan

Signature Kurozu Soft-Serve?
Vanilla Flavoured Soft-Serve Topped with Genmaicha with a Slight Yogurt Taste

Kakuida?s Kurozu exists to create delicious food and beverages with the value of traditional kurozu.


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