Story of Kakuida

The name ?Kakuida? comes from the underground reservoir of water in Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan.

It contains special mineral properties integral to the process of making Kakuida?s high quality kurozu. In addition to Kakuida-drawn groundwater from the local pyroclastic plateau, kurozu is also brewed with these two essential ingredients: brown rice, and koji (a type of fungus which grows on rice).

All three are added into handmade ceramic jars, and placed in open fields, to receive sunlight as part of the fermentation and aging process. The mixture in the jars are ever so often stirred and inspected for quality control. This process takes about three years or more to create the subtle flavor and nuanced aroma that is associated with Kurozu.

Fukuyama Kurozu Co., Ltd. is the producer of the ?Kakuida? brand. It is the second largest producer in Kagoshima, with around 20,000 jars of Kurozu at different stages of ageing.

A Kurozu Inspired Concept that Caters to Singaporeans

Singaporeans have been steering more and more towards healthy living, even more so within the past five years! Kakuida?s is glad that in the midst of Singapore?s healthy-eating awakening, we get to be a pioneering part of it by creating a brand new line of kurozu-inspired products that are innovative and delicious.

How is Kakuida?s different? What makes us unique from other food and beverage brands is that we use kurozu as a primary ingredient in all our products. It is not an ingredient typically used in drinks or snacks albeit its long list of health benefits!

Singaporeans have been enjoying fusion cuisine for as long as we can remember. With Kakuida?s, you can expect unique flavours and combinations suited for the Singaporean tongue, as well as a rich Japanese culture embedded in our products!

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Kakuida?s Kurozu enjoys working closely with the media in order to spread an awareness of the benefits of kurozu. We aim to provide our customers (and customers to be) with an extensive knowledge of the benefits of kurozu.

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Kakuida?s Kurozu exists to create delicious food and beverages with the value of traditional kurozu.


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