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If you have been searching for japanese black vinegar in Singapore, we are sure you must have heard of kurozu. Japanese black rice vinegar, better known as “kurozu”, is a?very popular health drink consumed by the Japanese for its health and beauty benefits. Dated since the Edo era, kurozu has a history of 200 years and has been perfected by masters ever since. Today, both men and women are amazed by the benefits of kurozu.

Kurozu is known for its mellow and earthy taste,?it is produced by?fermenting brown rice and requires between 1 to 10 years to create the desired flavor and aroma. The final product is a brownish, dark colour liquid, hence giving its name.

Aside from drinking the kurozu itself, there are many other ways to reap the benefit of kurozu. Kakuidas is known for its creative array of kurozu derived delicacies, such as baked kurozu doughnuts, kurozu lemon tea and even kurozu soft served ice-cream.

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How is Kurozu made?

May 21st, 2018|

If you have been searching for japanese black vinegar in Singapore, we are pretty sure you must have known the benefits of kurozu. However, have you ever been curious how kurozu is made? First, Brown rice, Koji and water from the Kakuida stream are placed into handcrafted ceramic (Aman) jars and placed outdoors in neat rows to bask in the sunlight.

Kakuida?s Kurozu exists to create delicious food and beverages with the value of traditional kurozu.


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